Monday, 8 January 2018

Untitled Head

I made this sculpture some years ago while creating with a group of artists exploring myth and dreams.
It is still untitled  -  any suggestions?

 Walking on a beach late afternoon I noticed this object in shallow water, too far out to observe closely.
It looks like a meteorite but is most likely to be a piece of rotting wood moulded by the sea.

It gives the illusion of being suspended in space!

Cute little gull gliding on a golden mercurial sea.

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Pilgrimage - A Journey

My painting  -   "Pilgrimage - a journey"  -  (150 cm x 50 cm)

                  Acrylic on canvas  -  the centre line (path) is gold.                           


The painting is at present out on loan, getting on with it's own life journey.

Tree trunks often end up on the seashore like beached whales,waiting to be floated
back out to sea on a powerful high tide.

Their journey fascinates me.
This one looks as though it escaped from a saw mill in mid procedure!

Saw marks,decay spots and growth markings create interesting patterns.

Organic and other material, washed ashore by the tide.

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Monday, 6 November 2017


This morning at one of our favourite beaches it's a windy 9C  .....

Blue sky reflected on water  .....

Wave patterns in sand created by coal particles  .....

Princess is always looking for someone to play with - Poppy doesn't like to play  .....

She misses running with Maddy, but today she has found a playmate.

Maddy   ~    2002 - 2017

Gone to join Louis in the Happy Hunting Grounds

We lost our sweet Maddy in the Spring. She was such a bright and happy little dog -
always running. We miss her terribly.

Happy times - woodland walk with Maddy and Louis a few years ago  .....

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